Carnes Park Silo Topped Off

From the Daily Jefferson County Union, March 29, 2019

Silo Topping Photo 1 In keeping with the ongoing mission to help preserve Dorothy Carnes Park and its wildlife inhabitants, the Jefferson County Parks Department and Friends of Rose Lake assisted in modifying the silo at Dorothy Carnes Park East to make for a better habitat for the fast-flying chimney swifts that have taken root there. Pigeons flying in through the side hatch were wreaking havoc for the swifts’ nests. To counter the issue, the intent was to close the hatch and remove the silo cap so the swifts could continue to enter. The angle is steep enough that the pigeons, while capable of entering, are not likely to do so. Jefferson County Supervisor Gary Kutz heard of the proposed project and offered his services and bucket truck for the work. He is pictured at left, sealing the hatch with a chunk of wood from another nearby barn. Below left, while in the bucket truck he also fixed a board on the barn. Shown below right, Kutz’s grandson, Jeffery Kutz, who is on spring break, assisted with the work. Here he is standing with the removed silo cap. All the services were donated, saving the Friends of Rose Lake from having to rent a truck to complete the job.

Silo Topping Photos 2 and 3