Why Care About Chimney Swifts?

  • Chimney Swifts have declined significantly in recent decades and need our assistance more than ever. In 2009, our northern neighbor, Canada, listed them as Threatened.
  • Because of changes made to our landscape and loss of historical habitat, swifts rely almost entirely on man-made structures for nest and roost sites. Our chimneys are their homes.
  • Chimney Swifts eat nearly one third of their own weight in flying insects, including pests, every day.
  • Chimney Swifts are protected by Federal law under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.
  • Like watching a beautiful sunset, the aesthetic value of observing Chimney Swifts’ aerial acrobatics and interactions is a simple pleasure of nature.

Keep Chimney Swifts common in Wisconsin