Swift Night Out Local Events

A “Swift Night Out” is a continent-wide effort to raise awareness about Chimney Swifts and their need for roosting habitat. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors and your lawn chairs to observe this amazing natural phenomenon as chimney swifts gather at communal roosts before fall migration to the Amazon basin in South America.

Mark your calendars to attend the following 2018 Swift Night Out Events in Wisconsin. 

Saturday, August 18, Green Bay: Contact nnabak@sbcglobal.net for details. Sponsored by Bird City Green Bay.

Saturday, Sept. 1, Madison: Contact Sandy Schwab at (608) 658-4139 or helpchimneyswifts@gmail.com   Sponsored by Madison Audubon Society  Madisonaudubon.org

Thursday, Sept. 6 and Friday, Sept. 7, Pewaukee: Field trips for the S.O.S for our Flying Bug Eaters Conference, sponsored by Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative (WBCI) and Bird City Wisconsin. Contact wisconsinbirds.org for details.

Thursday, Sept. 13, Two Rivers: Contact nancyn@woodlanddunes.org for details. Sponsored by Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Two Rivers Main Street.

Keep Chimney Swifts common in Wisconsin