Our members work together to ensure that the Chimney Swift remains a common, viable part of Wisconsin’s environment forever.

  • Sandy Schwab, Madison
  • Karen Etter Hale, WI Bird Conservation Initiative
  • Scott Diehl, WI Humane Soc. Wildlife Rehab Ctr, Milwaukee
  • Crystal Sharlow-Schaefer, WI Humane Soc. Wildlife Rehab Ctr, Milwaukee
  • Kim Grveles, WI DNR – Madison
  • Nancy Nabak, Communication and Development Coordinator, Woodland Dunes Nature Center, Two Rivers
  • Joni Denker, Green-Rock Audubon Society, Director-at-Large, Janesville
  • Mandy Feavel, Wildlife in Need, Oconomowoc
  • Ramsey Schlissel, Hartland
  • Signe Holtz, Madison
  • Bob and Sue Volenec, Lake Mills

Keep Chimney Swifts common in Wisconsin